Is it Time to Update Your Website Design?

Is it Time to Update Your Website Design?

While reading through some recent articles, I found an excellent “Is it time to update my design” Checklist published by Zift Solutions, “How Often Should You Update or Rebuild Your Website?

If you can answer “Yes” to any of the following questions, it might be time to contact an established company such as Collective IT Solutions to discuss a website redesign:

  • Has it been over 3 years since you last updated your site?
  • Is your website in line with your current brand?
  • Is your website intuitive and user-friendly?
  • Is your website responsive?
  • Are you still using Adobe Flash for anything on your site?
  • Do you have your social sharing buttons in a high traffic area?
  • Are you using social media platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) at all?
  • Is your company contact info easy to find?
  • Is your website URL 10 miles long?
  • Does your website literally look like it was created in 1994?

Together we can come up with a website that is professional sound and pleasing to look at in the current year. Let us help you impress your clients.

10 Reasons Free Websites Are Bad

10 Reasons Free Websites Are Bad

I love this article by Elegant Themes –


Of course there are MANY free themes out there and if you need to save money and have the time, go ahead and give it a try.  But their Reason Number 2 is what I try to explain to my clients so often –

2. Free Websites Typically Have Poor Performance and Scalability

You might need to hire someone if you have specific needs or wants!  Feel free to contact us with questions –

Now is the Perfect Time for that Online Store!

Now is the Perfect Time for that Online Store!

Many of us are currently stuck working from home due to government and other stay-at-home requirements and/or recommendations. . .  Now is a great time to get that online store up and running.

1. Obtain a web host – SiteGround, our favorite WordPress web host is currently offering NEW customers 3 months of web hosting for .99 per month!  They are still reasonable pricing upon renewal!

Web Hosting

2. Select a WordPress theme.  There are so many out there for FREE or you can pay a small one time price for some premium themes if they work best for your needs. Great, Free WordPress –  WooCommerce Themes

3. Add WooCommerce WordPress Plugin for free!  Decide if you want to pay for any premium features.

4.  Hire a company like Collective IT Solutions, Inc. to help you out.  We can work on an hourly rate just to help get you up and running or we can discuss a contract (for a lower hourly rate).


Now is the Perfect Time for that Online Store!

Choosing a good WordPress Host

Collective IT Solutions has worked with numerous WordPress website Hosts, for quite a few years even.  We admit, there are many good hosts out there and you may select yours for various reasons.  But if you are new to WordPress, looking to save some money or just want a good WordPress Host that takes care of a lot for you; we strongly recommend

They are inexpensive and offer a lot of features for you that other hosts do not offer.  They also offer good support if you need it and they can brag about a significantly high website “Up-time.”

If our clients need a new WordPress Host, we always recommend  No one has been disappointed.


Small Business – Why Should I use Social Media?

Small Business – Why Should I use Social Media?

Here is a good article that explains some of the benefits of utilizing Social Media to Advertise / Grow your business.  It seems like an overwhelming prospect to many, but it doesn’t need to be.  Free Advertising with a potential large reach to new customers – sign me up!

If you’re really overwhelmed by using Social Media, you can hire a company such as Collective IT Solutions, Inc. to assist you.  You can even decide on your budget together and that is how much time will be spent. . .  Try it out for 3-6 months and decide if it meets your needs.  If not, spend a few hours each week yourself posting on the best Social Media Accounts for your business!

The biggest benefits of using social media for your small business