While reading through some recent articles, I found an excellent “Is it time to update my design” Checklist published by Zift Solutions, “How Often Should You Update or Rebuild Your Website?

If you can answer “Yes” to any of the following questions, it might be time to contact an established company such as Collective IT Solutions to discuss a website redesign:

  • Has it been over 3 years since you last updated your site?
  • Is your website in line with your current brand?
  • Is your website intuitive and user-friendly?
  • Is your website responsive?
  • Are you still using Adobe Flash for anything on your site?
  • Do you have your social sharing buttons in a high traffic area?
  • Are you using social media platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) at all?
  • Is your company contact info easy to find?
  • Is your website URL 10 miles long?
  • Does your website literally look like it was created in 1994?

Together we can come up with a website that is professional sound and pleasing to look at in the current year. Let us help you impress your clients.