Most companies want a website to help drive traffic to their company and obtain new clients.  Collective IT Solutions works with a great, free WordPress plugin (you can purchase Pro Plugin for additional features) on many of their websites to help set up analytics tracking – to see just how many potential customers do visit your website:
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Monster Insights puts out some great articles to help companies obtain additional traffic.  Here is a recent post, “32 Marketing Hacks Guaranteed to Grow Your Traffic.” You might want to give this article a read and find some ideas you can do yourself or get a company such as Collective IT Solutions to help you out with!

1. Laser-Target Your Visitors’ Interests
2. Find Top Landing Pages and Popular Post Type to Create Similar Content
3. Plug the Leaks in Your Content
4. Identify Existing Content to Repurpose
5. Use Google Suggest to Find High-Traffic Blog Posts
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