Now is the Perfect Time for that Online Store!

Now is the Perfect Time for that Online Store!

Many of us are currently stuck working from home due to government and other stay-at-home requirements and/or recommendations. . .  Now is a great time to get that online store up and running.

1. Obtain a web host – SiteGround, our favorite WordPress web host is currently offering NEW customers 3 months of web hosting for .99 per month!  They are still reasonable pricing upon renewal!

Web Hosting

2. Select a WordPress theme.  There are so many out there for FREE or you can pay a small one time price for some premium themes if they work best for your needs. Great, Free WordPress –  WooCommerce Themes

3. Add WooCommerce WordPress Plugin for free!  Decide if you want to pay for any premium features.

4.  Hire a company like Collective IT Solutions, Inc. to help you out.  We can work on an hourly rate just to help get you up and running or we can discuss a contract (for a lower hourly rate).