What WordPress Plugin Needs Does my Website Have?

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What WordPress Plugin Needs Does my Website Have?

This is an interesting question.  Of course, based on your website and the purpose of your website, your WordPress plugin needs may change / be different.  We do, however; feel there are some plugins everyone should consider.  There are usually free versions of said plugins if you are just starting out.  But if you want / need even greater features, you might want to pay for the plugin.

Paid or Unpaid Plugins strongly recommended by CITS:

  1. Forms – don’t try to write you own as there are many free plugins already available for use.
  2. Image Optimization / Image Display – This will really help the speed of your website pages and is strongly recommended.
  3. Gallery – If you plan on using a lot of images, there are many plugins that can help you organize / display them nicely.
  4. SEO  – If you want to appear higher up in a Browser Search, some of these free plugins give you all the tools to help make this happen.
  5. Social Media – In today’s electronic world, social media has exploded.  If you Post regularly on WordPress and use a plugin to auto transfer the same post to multiple social media locations, you will create a lot of important /useful links to your website.
  6. Caching / Site Optimization – Again, this will really help maintain the speed and operation of your website.
  7. Backup – This is one of the biggest ones we recommend.  Make sure if you make website changes or updates and things “break” you can always restore the site form a backup.
  8. Security / Malware – you never know when your site might be hacked or utilized for malicious purposes.  Be sure to take an offensive role and put security measures into place before this occurs!  The level of security you site requires can dictate if you need free or paid security plugins.

Let Collective IT Solutions determine your needs and recommend the proper plugins for your website.

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